About Me

Welcome to my Page!

My name is Mike Markett and I am from the southside of Chicago. I am a 22-year-old senior at Drake University and am an Advertising Major with a Minor in Leadership. I play wide receiver for the football team and my competitive nature on the field translates to all facets of my life. I love watching/playing sports (especially football and baseball), I enjoy movies, going on runs and hikes, going out to eat, and traveling. My favorite teams are the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Growing up I was always a good student and dedicated many hours to my studies. I have always strived to produce the best result in everything I do. As I have grown, this mentality has not changed, but I have discovered that my strengths lie in the creative writing/idea side of things. This is why I have chosen the path of Advertising and Leadership in college to continue to build upon my strengths in hopes of making an impact on others. I am not certain as to what career I want to pursue, but I have a strong background in writing, coding, consumer data, media production, and leadership ethics.

Job Experience

My past jobs have included experience as a landscaper, a basketball referee, and a clerical for an accounting firm. I have learned a lot of things from each of these jobs which have given me the unique skill set I have today. From landscaping, I put in a lot of man hours doing hands-on work. I gained knowledge with certain tools working on decks, driveways, patios, clearing out trees, gardening, and other yard work. This helped me grow mentally and physically as I had to stay disciplined working a job for hours/days on end. This required me to stay detail-oriented through mental and physical exhaustion.

Working as a basketball referee not only forced me to increase my knowledge on the game of basketball, but also helped me with my patience, people skills, and assertiveness. Having patience for younger kids who play the game and the parents who heckle is not an easy thing, but forced me to grow in those areas. Along with that, I had an opportunity to help coach kids through areas of the game and make my voice heard when needed. As a clerical, I interacted with a variety of people every day in person and over the phone which made me a more efficient communicator. This experience also gave me some insight into the tax world as I learned from my accountant employees.